Wedding Dress Alterations

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What to Expect in Alterations

Should brides choose to do alterations with us they can expect to have an average of 2 to 3 dress fittings. Our alteration costs vary from gown to gown and from bride to bride. It is important for brides when choosing a gown to discuss with their consultant what to expect from alterations. While the consultant can't give an exact cost, they can help brides budget for the upcoming charges.


We generally recommend that brides begin their alterations 3 months prior to their wedding. It's important for brides to remember to bring their shoes and undergarments to each fitting! Each alterations appointment should last about half an hour depending on how much work needs to be done. 


During each appointment brides are paired with a seamstress and a special alterations consultant who is there to help address any concerns, answer any questions, and offer advice on what needs to be done.


Be sure to book an accessories appointment to have a consultant help you complete your look before or after your alterations appointment.


Full-Service from Start to Finish

We are here to provide our brides with excellent service from start to finish! We follow them from the moment they say "yes" to the dress all the way until that special day when their gown fits perfectly and is pressed and ready to go.